What's V-Multiplayer?

V-Multiplayer is a free alternative massive multiplayer modification for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto © V, allowing players to play with and against each others online.

The project was initiated on March 23rd 2016 and will soon allow you to play with more than a hundred players at the same time in a stable, entirely customizable and cheaters-less game mode!

A new GTA experience

Full of possibilities

Our API will give you the possibility to develop and to customize your own servers to propose the most unique experience ever seen on GTA! RolePlay, DeathMatch, Racing, or simply fun servers... the possibilities will only be limited by your imagination!

Full game control and no limit

Make beautiful maps with thousands of objects and discover a new experience of GTAV. Wander in the streets of Los Santos, join the thousands of servers and make friends! V-Multi will show you a new facet of GTAV.

Smoothless synchronization

On foot, in the Car or in a Plane - it doesnt matter. All get's synced straight away for a flawless experience while playing V-MP.

You want to see your friends sit down while drinking a coffee? No Problem with the Animation Sync provided by V-MP.

How to download

The perfect place to play! Welcome to San Andreas!